At The Clay Centre we have 16 electric wheels in the teaching area, plus 10 electric wheels in the dedicated Members area. We proudly support NZ Made and all our wheels are Cowley Wheels.

The Clay Centre also offers the following:

  • 4 Electric Kilns

  • 2 Spray Booths

  • Glazing area

  • Handbuilding tables

  • Wedging tables

  • Slab roller

  • Extruder

Garrity tools.jpg


Our Retail Shop has all the tools your heart desires! We are the only stockists of Garrity Tools, top quality handmade tools made in the US. We also stock a large variety of basic tools, as well as beginners tool sets. Our coffee cart has only the best NZ made coffees and teas for sale, as well as limited cold drinks for sale. We love it when you come and chill in our retail area and browse our books, relaxing at The Clay Centre is encouraged!


The Clay Studio offers 4 separate areas:

  • Retail shop selling tools, coffee and tea

  • Dedicated Class space, comprising 16 wheels, hand tables, small glaze area and ware racks.

  • Dedicated Members Area which has 10 wheels, including the Glaze and Kiln areas for the whole Centre to use.

  • An ‘Events Area’, which doubles as a Workshop space/ Exhibition space/ Party space.