Membership Terms and Conditions


  1. Memberships can be paid for on a monthly basis, according to your membership contract. This contract will outline methods of payment, either Direct Debit for the duration of your membership, or through automated Credit Card deductions.

  2. Membership is not transferable.

  3. Membership allows you access to the studio during Member hours. If the main centre is closed you can access the member area with your swipe card.

  4. The Members area also encompasses a glazing area and the kiln room. These areas are for class use also.


  1. Members are encouraged to be aware of how much space they are using, and to be mindful of others needing space to work.

  2. Please do not touch other members’ work.

  3. Listening to music is awesome - with headphones!

  4. When using the spray booth, please no longer than 30 minutes at a time.


  1. Only clay that has been purchased from The Clay Studio may be used. If you wish to use clay purchased elsewhere please see us in the office first.

  2. NO BLACK CLAY allowed in the studio - this clay contains Manganese and is TOXIC to fire. We will not fire clay containing Manganese.

  3. All firings must be pre-paid by purchasing firing tickets from the office.

  4. Please make sure your work is bone dry before placing on the Bisc shelves for firing

  5. Glazed pots must be spotlessly clean on the bottom - any glaze residue will result in your work not being fired.


  1. Each member has one shelf for storage - please do not put your work anywhere other than on your allocated shelf.

  2. We encourage you to catch the bus due to parking problems. If you catch the bus we will allocate you space to store your clay.


  1. Membership is non-transferable and you may not bring friends/family along to the studio

  2. It is your responsibility to clean up after yourself.

  3. NO SANDING ALLOWED INSIDE. We encourage you to clean your work at the Greenware stage with a damp sponge.

  4. If sanding must be done, this is to be done outside.

  5. Cleaning should be done promptly after you finish using any tables or equipment. Please leave wheels, wedging tables, work tables, spray booth, and any other equipment in a condition where the next person using the equipment/tables can begin working immediately.

  6. Use wet methods to clean whenever possible. Collect all clay scraps and follow proper clay recycling procedures as set out in the studio.

  7. The Kiln Room and the Glaze technician area is STAFF only.